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G.A. Henty Recordings read by Jim Weiss

All recordings are thoughtfully abridged. Read Jim's comments by clicking here.

Beric the Briton audio recording
- Nine hours of adventure in Ancient Britain and Rome (62 AD). Main event: Roman invasion of Britain.

Beric, a dashing, young British chieftain, must fight for liberty from the forests of his homeland, where he defies legendary Roman legions, to the Roman Colosseum, where he must employ gladiatorial skills to defend a persecuted Christian girl. G.A. Henty provides fascinating details of life in a Roman villa, in the imperial palace, and in the villages of the tribal Britons; and accurately shows the strengths that allowed the Romans to conquer their empire and the weaknesses that would end it.

9 Hours on 7 CD's

Multi-CD set: #3932 $32.99 $28.99

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The Cat of Bubastes audio recording
- written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss. Six hours of adventure in ancient Egypt (1250 BC)

In The Cat of Bubastes, Mr. Henty gives his readers a fascinating picture of one of the greatest of the ancient peoples at the height of their civilization. Chebron, son of the Egyptian high priest Ameres, and Amuba, a Rebu brought as a slave to Ameres' household when his people were conquered by the Egyptians, are companions.

Their lives are changed irrevocably when Chebron accidentally kills his sister's cat, an animal sacred to the Egyptians - an offense punishable by death. The boys decide to make a long and dangerous journey to the land of the Rebus, where they will be out of reach of their enemies.

Amid chariot battles and court intrigue, Nile crocodiles and desert bandits, a young man finds friendship, love, and his own destiny. Excellent historical fiction.

Length: 6 hours. A thoughtfully abridged recording.
Multi-CD set: #3940 $32.99 $28.99

Multi-Cassette set: #9584X $28.99 $13.99   Over 50% off! Two copies available.

For the Temple (written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss) - Fast-paced adventure in the setting of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Henty weaves a rousing, yet poignant, adventure of the revolt of Palestine against the power of Rome, and the birth of Christianity.

Follow John, a courageous, young Jew, as he fights in the siege of Jerusalem, survives slavery in Alexandria and the dispersal of the Jews, wins the favor of the Emperor Titus, and returns triumphantly to Galilee. Based on the eyewitness accounts of Josephus, this is a masterful story of events that changed our world forever.

Date: 70 A.D., Setting: Jerusalem
Main Event: The fall of Jerusalem during the Palestinian revolt against Rome.

#3918  $32.95 $28.99

“We have longed for Jim to record this particular Henty…we think it is the best yet!” - Parent

In Freedom's Cause
written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss. One of G.A. Henty's most stirring adventures tells the story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce as they battle the brutal seizure of their native Scotland by England's King Edward I. With the Scottish heroes is the courageous, young Archie Forbes, whose daring, insightful mind is as sharp as his flashing sword.

In Freedom's Cause delivers dramatic portrayals of real Scottish and English leaders in their native countries, and places the listener in the middle of famous medieval battles, sudden swordplay in narrow streets, and dramatic tests of friendship and love.

Setting: Scotland and England, 1296-1314 AD.

Main Event: Scotland's Battle for Independence.

CD only. Approximately 9 hours.

#3924 $32.95 $28.99

In the Reign of Terror audio recording
written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss. Nine Hours of breathtaking adventure during the French Revolution (1793), one of history's most important events.

As the Revolution begins, we meet Harry Sandwith, a young Englishman who was hired to be a companion to the sons of a nobleman. At first Harry is considered by the aristocratic family to be beneath their class, but he soon proves his self worth by saving the lives of the girls in the family.

Throughout the story, Harry must summon his courage as he rescues his French friends from the pillage of war-torn France

6 hours on 6 CDs. A thoughtfully abridged recording.

Multi-CD set: #3975 $32.99 $28.99

The Lion of the North written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss. - With his trademark mixture of thrilling adventure and balanced, accurate history, G.A. Henty sets us down amid the firestorms of the religious wars (The Thirty Years War) in Europe.

During the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), our fictitious Scottish hero and his real Scottish commanders join the triumphant Protestant champion, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, “the Lion of the North.” On the Catholic side, we meet the king’s equally skilled foes, brutal General Tilly and vain, brilliant Prince Wallenstein.

Filled with shifting battles, deadly plots, daring escapes and loyalties put to the test, this is one of G.A. Henty’s most popular books and guaranteed to keep the entire family on the edge of their seats.

Setting: Scotland/Europe, 1618-1648
Main Event: The Thirty Years War

#1124-M1 $32.95 $28.99

Wulf the Saxon audio recording
- written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss. Eight hours of adventure in the setting of the Norman Conquest (1066).

Wulf of Steyning, a valued and trusted thane in Harold Godwinson's service before and during his reign as King of England, boldly captures a castle in the Welsh wars, risks his life to rescue Harold when his is shipwrecked on Norman shores, bravely fights against the Norsemen at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, and resolutely stands by his king to the last of the Battle of Hastings.

A story of loyalty, courage, and perseverance, set in Britain and Normandy.

8 hours. A thoughtfully abridged recording.

Multi-CD set: #3959 $32.99 $28.99

Multi-Cassette set: #9622 $28.99 $17.99 Sales Price! (This item is out of print. Two copies left.)

The Young Carthaginian audio recording
- written by G.A. Henty and read by Jim Weiss. Nine hours of thrilling adventure as Hannibal of Carthage battles mighty Rome (220 BC).

The struggle between Rome and Carthage was a first a struggle for empire, and then - on the part of Carthage - a struggle for existence. The Young Carthaginian's tells the story of this struggle and the attempt of Hannibal to conquer Rome, despite the formidable geographical barriers and the corrupt leadership in Carthage.

Malcus, the young hero, a cousin of Hannibal, becomes involved in political intrigue and joins Hannibal in Spain, sharing for a time in his adventures.

You'll be there to cross the perilous, snow-choked Alps; battle bloodthirsty beasts; dual cunning traitors in vividly drawn ancient cities; even defy overwhelming Roman armies. Engaging characters and a rousing, historically accurate adventure.

9 hours on 7 CDs. A thoughtfully abridged recording.

Multi-CD set: #7310 $32.99 $28.99

G. A. Henty Short Story Collection, Vol 1

* Frontier Girl - In this story, we meet Mary Mitford, a remarkable fifteen year old girl who risks her life and the things she holds dear to save the lives of her parents from a cunning and intentional Indian attack.

Date: Late 1700's
Setting: American Frontier

* Surly Joe - This is the story of a crusty old sea captain called Surly Joe who finds himself in the perilous situation of having to choose between saving the lives of his two sons or a young girl placed in his charge. The pain from such a decision is eased when two small girls enter his life.

Date: 1890's
Setting: Victorian England

70 minutes on 1 CD.

#7388 $14.95 $11.99 Sale!

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