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Math & Music by Wildridge Education

Math & Music is an interdisciplinary program emphasizing the practical value of fundamental math skills by relating these skills to the basic elements of music. The program wll help students build the mathematical foundation necessary to understand algebra and appreciate diverse musical forms.

The program combines mathematics, music, physics, and history.

Recommended for ages 12-18 (grades 7-12).

The CD-ROM operates on a PC or Macintosh. System requirements: Windows 98 or higher/Macintosh OS 9.x-10.x
Math & Music does not run well on Vista. Part of the program will work, but it will not keep the score, etc. The publisher has not been recommending these programs for Vista. When Vista is well established and has all the bugs worked out, they will then update the program.

Math & Music Single User, Complete Set
Includes 1 CD-Rom, 1 Textbook, 1 Student Guide, 1 Teacher Guide, and 1 Workbook.
#0338 $69.95 $62.99 software is no longer available. We do have some of the supplemental materials in stock for purchase.

Lab packs/Network/volume prices are available. Email us for more information:


Also available from Wildridge Education: Math & the Cosmos.


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