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The Dragon of Lonely Island
by Rebecca Rupp is a fast-paced fantasy that readers of all ages should enjoy (no matter what the age range says!)

The three children - Hannah (12), Zachary (10), and Sarah Emily (8 ) - are staying at their Aunt Mehitabel's house for the summer, which is on an island called Lonely Island (hence, the name of the book). The whole setting is so realistic one feels as if they are falling into the pages (which in my case does not mean falling asleep!)

This story is one of the few that doesn't portray the dragon (Fafnyr) as a greedy beast that steals and hoards its treasure but rather as a more kind-hearted dragon that shows pleasure in helping others - although no dragon can get away without being a little self-centered.

A delightful ending. This book is definitely going to be read again! (Reviewed by Lane Greer, age 10 at the time of the review).

Ages 8-11 Paper, 160 pages.

#8055 $5.99

We also have one copy of the hardcover version, which is now out of print:

#4089X $16.99


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