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Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney - For young people who want to improve their writing skills, step-by-step instructions are provided that will help any writer improve his techniques. The introduction provides a brief review of grammar followed by instruction on building stronger sentences, exercise in descriptive and narrative writing, creating dialogue, story writing, and writing from a particular point of view. Plus, the essential skills of every good writer, practice in proofreading and revising.

Paper, 106 pages. Ages 12+.

#3185X $16.00

A Teacher's Guide to Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney - Provides the answers to review quizzes found in the above Wordsmith book, as well as an overview, syllabus, and teaching suggestions.

Includes a week-by-week suggested plan of study (based on 36 weeks).

Paper, 45 pages.

#3192 $7.00


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