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Elementary Algebra - Also a high-school/college level text that covers functions & graphs, integers, rational numbers, equations with one and two variables, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring, fractions, square roots, quadratic equations, fractional equations, inequalities and arithmetic/ geometric number sequences. Answers to one set of the exercises are included at the end of the book. Hardcover, 876 pages Table of Contents
#0471 $80.95 $67.99

Teacher's Guide - Contains the rest of the exercise answers not included in the above text (sets 1,3, and 4), as well as: lesson ideas, motivational materials, interesting bibliographical material, common student misconceptions and effective techniques for dealing with them, and additional activities.
#0757 $30.95

Test Masters contains test for each of the 17 chapters along with midyear and final tests. Answers are included along with drill exercises and word problems. Paper, 154 pages.
#0773 $30.95

Transparency Masters - this bound book shows students how the principles in Elementary Algebra work. The transparencies include puzzles, graphs, examples, quizzes, answers to exercises, number tricks, cartoons and more - to reinforce the material in the text. The pages of this book are perforated so that they can be easily removed and used to make projection transparencies with a thermographic reproduction machine. Suggestions for using the transparencies are in the Instructor's Manual.
#0765 $66.95 $63.99


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